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The Baylor Oral Health Foundation processes gifts on behalf of Texas A&M University School of Dentistry .

Gift Agreement

We provide gift agreements for all gifts and pledges of $25,000 or more. Agreements outline the purpose, form, schedule and administration of gifts For smaller gifts, donors may document their preferences with notes on the check, pledge cards or cover letters.

Gift Conversion

Non-cash gifts (securities, real estate, and personal property) require special processing. The Foundation converts these gifts to cash promptly under guidelines specified in our current gift acceptance policy.

Specific Accounts

Each gift goes into an endowed or non-endowed, restricted or unrestricted account as specified by the donor. The Foundation disburses funds from these accounts as defined by donors’ preferences and the comprehensive operating agreement between the School of Dentistry and Baylor Oral Health Foundation.


The Foundation will furnish a receipt for each gift received. These receipts acknowledge the gift and provide donors with a proof of tax deductibility. The receipt may be in the form of letter.

Disbursement of funds

If the gift to the Foundation for a non-endowed fund, the entire gift is disbursed as designated by the donor and when requested by the School. If the gift is for an endowed fund, only the portion specified by the Foundation’s endowment distribution policy is distributed on behalf of or directed by the School.


Confidentiality of individual donor information and records is protected.