// staff

Foundation staff provide oversight to the day-to-day operation of Baylor Oral Health Foundation.

The BOHF staff members are all employees of the foundation.

Executive staff

Robert J. Bigham, Jr.
President and Treasurer

Steve Patterson, CPA

Lanelle Watkins
Assistant Treasurer

Support staff

Linda Piper
Assistant to the President

Mr. Robert J. Bigham, Jr., has served as President and Treasurer of BOHF since 2000.

He previously served on the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry Board of Trustees, 1986 – 1996, and was Secretary of the last Board at BCD. He became a director of BOHF in 1998 and served until 2000 when he became President and Treasurer of BOHF.

Mr. Bigham was President of Promenade National Bank in Richardson for 17 years. He was a Director of Texas Independent Bank (TIB – The Banker’s Bank), 1986 – 1991, and served as Chairman from 1988 to 1989. His 34 years of banking experience have been invaluable in managing the Foundation. He was inducted into the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry Hall of Fame in 2010 and received the 2012 Community Leader of the Year Award from the Dallas County Dental Society for his 26 years of service to the College and the community. He is a Lifetime Member and past Chairman of The Salesmanship Club of Dallas Foundation.